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Rosamunde - Incidental Music D. 797

In October of 1823 Schubert's friend Josef Kuppelwieser asked him to write the music for a four-act play. The work was to be called Rosamunde, Furstin von Cypern. The author of the piece was the poetess Helmina von Chezy, who had written the libretto for Carl Maria von Weber's Euryanthe.

The premiere performance of Rosamunde took place on December 20, 1823 at the Theater an der Wien. After only one more performance, it disappeared forever from the repertoire of the theatre. The press was even more critical of the text of Rosamunde than it had been of that of Euryanthe, which had premiered in October, subjecting it to such scathing comments as this: 'an inutterably insipid work', whose authoress had 'in a single year been the undoing of two great composers'.

As regards the composer, at least, we read: 'Herr Schubert's composition shows originality, but unfortunately bizarrerie as well. The young man is in the process of developing; we hope that it goes well ..'

List of works for opera & theatre:

Der Spiegelritter, D. 11, operetta (Act I only)
Des Teufels Lustschloss, D. 84, opera
Der vierjährige Posten, D. 190, singspiel
Fernando, D. 220, singspiel
Claudine von Villa Bella, D. 239, singspiel
Adrast, D. 137, opera (fragment only
Die Freunde von Salamanka, D. 326, singspiel
Die Bürgschaft, D. 435, opera in 3 acts (unfinished)
Die Zwillingsbrüder, D. 647, singspiel
Die Zauberharfe, D. 644, melodrama
Sakuntala, D. 701, unfinished opera
Alfonso und Estrella, D. 732, opera in 3 acts
Fierrabras, D. 796
Die Verschworenen, D. 787, comic opera (singspiel)
Rosamunde, D. 797 (incidental music)
Der Graf von Gleichen, D. 918 (unfinished)

Rosamunde, Fürstin von Zypern, D. 797

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