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Franz Schubert - 3 Klavierstucke, D. 946

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The three Klavierstucke (D. 946) of 1828 were published only in 1868. The editor was a certain Johannes Brahms, whose admiration for Schubert was intense. They shared a love of the smaller forms of piano music. Smaller does not imply lesser, and these three piano pieces, impromptus in all but name, are fine works of Schubert's last period. The first, Allegro assai, opens boldly with a galloping figure in E flat minor, which is restated with Schubertian inevitability in E flat major. A slower improvisatory episode in B major leads to the restatement of the first idea.

The second piece, in ABACA form, is more extended. A flowing Allegretto in 6/8 frames two episodes, the first restless with a rocking bass line, the second fluent and dominated by a rhythmical motif of three quavers. Finally we welcome the return of the first Allegretto like an old friend. The third piece has a distinctly Bohemian flavour. A highly syncopated Allegro section frames a lulling interlude in 3/2, resulting in an almost dumka-like contrast in mood. A lively coda brings the work to an exciting close.

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